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PJ's Collectible Corner

PJ and Baccarat crystal



Beautiful gifts in a red box.
Some of the best Crystal in the world is produced in France. This is just a small
sample of some of the exquisite work released in previous years from Baccarat.

Baccarat Vases
Baccarat Vases

"The King of Crystal"

Aquarelle Vase - cobalt blue

Aquarelle vase

Bouquet vase

Bouquet Vase - created in 1995


Clear Sculpted Heart Hearts and Apple
Red Sculpted Heart
Red Half Apple


Baccarat since 1764.

The glassworks founded under the patronage of King Louis XV began making crystal during the reign of King Louis XVIII in 1817. The Second Empire brought it fame. The most famous tables are set only with Baccarat. Synonymous with refinement, hand wrought perfection, and the finest of French taste, Baccarat conquered the Royal and Imperial Courts throughout Europe. Today the new designs uphold the traditional standards and, more so than ever before, are a sign of civilization.

Vega and Dom glasses
Vega - Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz Rhine Wine Glasses
Dom Perignon - Flutes


Pouncer & Acrobat Cats

Pouncer Cat

Acrobat Cat

Mother & Child Elephant Mother & Child Elephant


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